Endangered species and the law - seminar

15 May 2014

Pip Wallace

Environmental planner: Pip Wallace will talk about the RMA and wildlife protection .

A trio of high-profile speakers will give their perspectives of endangered species and wildlife protection at a seminar at the University of Waikato next week.

They’ll look at issues in New Zealand, Europe and North America.

Wildlife protection in New Zealand

Pip Wallace, a senior lecturer in environmental planning at Waikato, will talk about the limitations of the Resource Management Act as a default measure for wildlife protection in New Zealand.

The protection of endangered species in Europe will be addressed by attorney at law Dr Peter Schütte who lectures at the University of Bremen’s Faculty of Law and is a visiting fellow at Waikato.

Dr Schütte will cover permit enforcement procedures and judiciary control.

Law of environmental markets

The third speaker will be Professor Shaun Fluker from the University of Calgary in Canada. His specialist areas include access to the legal systems for people advocating environmental protection, the implementation of environmental norms in law and the regulation of environmental markets.

The Centre for Environmental, Resources and Energy Law is hosting the event which is sponsored by the Canadian-New Zealand Studies Unit. It takes place on Thursday 22 May, 4.45pm-7.00pm at the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts at the University of Waikato.

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