Our Country’s Good

28 May 2014

Our Country's Good

Waikato production: Felicity Nepia and Nicole Campbell go head to head with Jessica Dodunski looking on in this year’s Theatre Studies production, Our Country’s Good.

Australia’s colonial past is the focus of a play being performed by third-year University of Waikato Theatre Studies students.

It’s called Our Country’s Good, written by Timerlake Wertenbaker and based on the best-selling Thomas Keneally novel The Playmaker.

A boat full of Royal Marine officers and convicts arrives on Australian shores in 1789 and are forced to create a community in the new penal colony.

One of the marines volunteers to direct the convicts in a comedy, but circumstances, such as the leading lady’s imminent execution, threaten the performance.

Theatre’s role in forging a civil society

Directed by Gaye Poole, the play shows what it means to live without hope and how theatre might be an important agent in the process of forging a civil society.

Twenty-one Theatre Studies students are involved in the play, which they say is a layered work about crime, punishment and the redemptive power of artistic practice and pursuit.

They also warn that there is strong language and brief nudity.

Our Country’s Good runs for four nights at the Academy of Performing Arts, June 4-7 at 7.00pm.

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