Professor John Williams - TEMS, Faculty of Education

30 January 2014

John Williams

New professor appointment: Professor John Williams, TEMS, Faculty of Education.

John Williams has recently been promoted to the position of Professor at the University of Waikato.

Professor Williams came to the University as an Associate Professor in 2010 from Edith Cowan University in Perth where he was the Director of Secondary Programmes in their School of Education.

He is the Director of TEMS (Technology, Environmental, Mathematics and Science) Educational Research Centre within the Faculty of Education. The centre supports post-graduate students in the four TEMS areas and encourages and supports research in these areas in the faculty.

Technology education

Professor Williams’ research is in the area of technology education and his main research focus has been into electronic portfolios in the context of technology education. His other main area of research is in technology teachers PCK – Pedagogical Content Knowledge.

He says a significant achievement while at Waikato has been developing a new direction for the TEMS Centre and ensuring its ongoing sustainability.

Increased opportunities

“The wisdom of moving to Waikato was clear to me as soon as I arrived, but this tops it off. It is very gratifying to be recognised for academic work done, and I look forward to the increased opportunities that the promotion will provide.”

Professor Williams supervises nine PhD students and four Masters students, and teaches Masters papers for the Master of Education degree.

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