Research symposium explores Indian Media Economy

20 February 2014

The New Zealand India Research Institute, JamiaMilliaIslamia University and the University of Waikato’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are hosting a two-day research symposium bringing together leading scholars from India and New Zealand to discuss contemporary developments in the Indian media economy.

Over two decades of robust economic growth, and amid a deepening engagement with the global economy, India's media has been at the forefront of both commercial development and social change in the subcontinent. Negotiating the triumph and crisis of globalisation, the operating logics of the media and their markets offer unique insights into the potentials and challenges for India in the 21st century.

Speakers include:
- Associate Professor Gregory Booth, University of Auckland
- Associate Professor Shishir Jha, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
- Associate Professor Vibodh Parthasarathi, JamiaMilliaIslamia University, New Delhi
- Professor Ashish Rajadhyaksha, Centre for Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore
- Dr SV Srinivas, Senior Fellow, Centre for Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore
- Professor Padmaja Shaw, Osmania University, Hyderabad
- Professor Brian Stoddart, Distinguished Fellow, Australia India Institute, University of Melbourne

The symposium will be held at the Sunset Motel Conference Centre, Raglan on 25-26 February. The event is open to the public, although numbers are limited. Anyone wishing to attend should contact Associate Professor Adrian Athique ([email protected]) for catering purposes, directions, accommodation advice and programme details.

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