Waikato Entrepreneurs grateful for Internship Programme

21 October 2014

Tian and Davies Ltd

Young Entrepreneurs: Timoti Daymond and Geoff Davies have formed business development company Tian & Davies Ltd.

One brings the no nonsense approach, the other provides the voice of reason; together they balance each other out. It’s this great working relationship that has helped Timoti Daymond and Geoff Davies successfully create and drive forward their Waikato Company, Tian & Davies Ltd.

Providing business development solutions for small businesses

Tian & Davies was formed late last year and was designed to provide business development solutions for small businesses. Their services include implementing processes for office administration including setting organisational process mapping, key performance indicators, 3D augmented reality-based factory layout planning, human resource management support, as well as offering advice on supply-chain management and logistics.

“Smaller companies are often faced with more challenges when it comes to successfully implementing and managing these processes. We saw a need for services for this target market so Tian & Davies was born,” says Daymond.

Daymond and Davies’ relationship formed when they were both participants of the 496 A Management Internship programme, offered by the University of Waikato’s Management School. Working with three companies of the Huntly Joinery Manufacturing Group, they helped to create human resource, strategy and supply-chain management systems for each.

“At the end of our internship, we were approached by one of the companies, Zealand Distribution Ltd, to take on a short-term contract with them. This opportunity enhanced our skills further and deepened our interest in this line of work,” says Daymond.

Grateful for the internship programme

Both men are particularly grateful to the internship programme which pushed them beyond their limits and is part of the reason they are now entrepreneurs.

“For our team it was a tough programme with five reports and a four-hour presentation at the end, but it really does prepare you for working in a real business environment. Without the internship experience, I doubt Tian & Davies would exist today,” he adds.

Now keen to give something back, the pair approached the Waikato Management School’s internship convenor, Glyndwr Jones, about potentially utilising students for work experience within their company.

“We valued the experience so much and want other students to be given the same opportunity, so we are keen to come on board and work with Mr Jones as a supporting organisation of the programme,” he says.

Daymond, who is originally from the Chatham Islands, is in the final year of a Bachelor of Management Studies, majoring in Electronic Business and Strategic Management, while UK-born Davies has just completed his Bachelor of Management Studies, majoring in Human Resource and Supply Chain Management.

“It’s this unique blend of expertise that has made our business partnership so strong. I bring the no nonsense, cut to the chase attitude while Geoff provides the practical approach and ability to work effectively with people,” says Daymond.

Plans to expand

“Our current focus for Tian & Davies is on the Waikato and Bay of Plenty market. However in November we have booked to meetings with a number of groups in Melbourne and in time we hope to expand further abroad to South America – it’s good to dream big.”

The 496 A Management Internship programme is offered to students enrolled in a Bachelor of Management Studies at the Waikato Management School, University of Waikato. For more information visit,

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