Ninja award for University Cloud specialist

10 December 2015

Dr Ryan Ko
Dr Ryan Ko

He’s a ninja but he ain’t no mutant turtle.

Dr Ryan Ko from the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences has been awarded a Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) ‘Cloud Security Ninja’ award after being ranked number one by the CSA jury on professionalism, innovation, role modelling and measurable success.

“I feel humbled by this international recognition and could not have achieved this without a strong team with the Cyber Security Researchers of Waikato, and the strong support from the University's management,” he says.

“This award has helped validate the growth trajectory of our cyber security programme, which aims  to be one of the top cyber security academic research labs in Asia Pacific, and we hope to achieve even greater heights in the near future.”

The award recognises technical experts in the Asia Pacific (APAC) Cloud Security Industry during the past year who are hands-on and operational in charge of running the Cloud security operations in their organisations.

The award seeks to reward individuals at all levels of an organisation who have contributed to the development and deployment of innovative Cloud solutions that improve business operations or enhance public services.

Dr Ko was presented with his award at the CSA APAC Awards ceremony in Guangzhou, China on 3 December.