Professors prepare for TEDx

21 May 2015

Debashish and Priya
Professors Debashish Munshi and Priya Kurian will speak at TEDxRuakura.

Professors Priya Kurian and Debashish Munshi have been announced as speakers at Hamilton's first TEDxRuakura event in June.

Priya is a professor of political science and Debashish a professor of management communication and what brings them together is a shared concern about issues of diversity, equity, and sustainability.

They are passionate about the idea of what they call sustainable citizenship and they like to work with diverse groups of people on negotiating contentious public issues. They recently completed a project on "Sustainable Citizenship: Transforming Public Engagement on New and Emerging Technologies," funded by a Marsden Grant of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

"Our research shows that shared values tend to emerge from a clash of ideas, rather than through routine dialogues. Indeed diversity is at the very heart of sustainability."

They will be joined at TEDxRuakura by Masterchef New Zealand winner Aaron Brunet, Xtreme Zero Waste's Paul Murray and relationship marketing specialist Lindsay Adams, with more speakers to be announced in the coming days.

TEDxRuakura will be held at the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts at the University of Waikato on 20 June.

To register for the chance to purchase a ticket, go to: