Fingers on buzzers!

15 November 2017

(L-R) Sam Armstrong, Avish Ram, David Neal, Rose Swears

In the spirit of the internationally televised game show, University Challenge on Campus aims to bring together some of the sharpest minds from across the country for the inaugural (non-televised) on-campus event, hosted by the University of Waikato on Sunday 19 November.

Seven university teams will be competing to win this prestigious tournament. Questions are aimed to test contestants’ knowledge, mental agility and recall, covering a range of subjects, including literature, history, geography, politics, sports and science. “Bragging rights are up for grabs,” says Avish Ram, member of the University of Waikato team. Avish is in his second year of study towards a Bachelor of Social Sciences, majoring in Political Sciences and Economics, and was also in the 2016 Waikato University Challenge team.

Avish is feeling more excited than nervous about the tournament. “Quizzing is my passion, so participating in this year’s University Challenge competition brings with it great excitement. I was part of the team that came second last year. I am excited to show what the Waikato team is made of this year.”

“This competition gives me the perfect opportunity to represent my university in an honourable pursuit of glory. It means a lot to me to be part of this team.”

Avish says that this year’s team has put in a lot of effort in preparing for the tournament. “Are we confident? Quietly. I believe that we have selected the best possible team for this competition. We have been training on Sundays and Tuesdays, taking time out of our busy schedules to prepare. Our coaches have also been working hard, writing and updating questions for the team to practise.”

With Avish on the team is former 2016 Waikato competitor Rose Swears, studying a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) and newcomers Sam Armstrong, Bachelor of Social Sciences, and David Neal, Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences. The team is coached by Donald and Anita Neal, who competed in the Waikato University Challenge team in the 1980s.

"As one of Waikato's coaches, I believe we have a strong team this year. I look forward to them building on the successful campaign which took last year's Waikato team to the final of University Challenge,” says coach Donald Neal.

The semi-finals start at 3pm on Sunday 19 November in LG.02 and the final is taking place later on that evening. The event is free to attend, so come along to support and cheer for your team.