Funding for transgender health survey

31 May 2017

Jaimie Veale (3) for web
Dr Jaimie Veale will uncover the experiences transgender people face when accessing health care in New Zealand.

University of Waikato psychology lecturer Dr Jaimie Veale has been awarded Health Research Council funding of $238,000 to carry out a transgender health survey.

The survey will uncover the extent that transgender people experience stigma, discrimination, violence and barriers when accessing healthcare in New Zealand, and how these experiences are associated with transgender people’s health.

Dr Veale says overseas research has uncovered serious health inequalities faced by transgender people, but there’s been little research done in New Zealand to date.

Her project will use questions used in existing large surveys, such as the New Zealand Health Survey, to allow for comparisons with the general population. It will also explore the extent to which affirming healthcare and social support can protect against the negative impacts of stigma and related experiences.

“This support could include family/whanau support, transgender community support, and support from the wider community,” Dr Veale says.

The project will include a transgender community advisory group and Dr Veale will work closely with health professionals who work with transgender people in New Zealand.

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