University to test loud sirens on 12 July

30 June 2017

Siren banner

The University of Waikato will test its emergency loud sirens on the afternoon of Wednesday 12 July.

The sirens, which will sound similar to those used by volunteer fire brigades, will run for three minutes around 1pm and might be heard up to 3km away.

Members of the public should not to be alarmed if they hear the siren, especially those in the Hillcrest and Silverdale areas where the siren will be loudest.

Staff, students and surrounding schools and businesses have been notified.

The siren test is part of a scheduled test of emergency communications channels and will include emails and text messages sent to staff, students and campus tenants.

The University regularly undertakes emergency and crisis scenarios, taking all measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of its staff, students and community.

In a real emergency, the siren would be used to signal a campus ‘lock-down’, which means people on campus would need to seek shelter in a locked room or building and keep safe. A lock-down would only be initiated if there was a considerable safety issue on the Hamilton campus, such as acts or threats of violence.