Return to sender

27 September 2018

Anna Connell finally at the returns slot.

Home after 14 years: a library book’s epic journey.

Taken out 16 October 2004, it has just been returned to the University of Waikato library.

Apparently The Politics of Culture was too riveting to return. Remorseful alumna Anna Connell believed she needed to pay a hefty $260 fine, only to find the debt has been written-off.  She remained determined to make a donation to the University’s Foundation to make amends.

As I am no longer an irresponsible student, I’d like to return my book and give a bit extra back to the University. I hope more students follow in my footsteps, no matter how overdue their books are.

The text has been through eleven different moves and traveled around the country with Anna. “It’s hung out surreptitiously on my bookshelves for all these years.”

Entering the Library, book in hand, Anna conceded she was in fact a little nervous. She was greeted by University Librarian Ross Hallett, who offered a warm smile, but close observers might have seen him quickly getting a firm grip on the wayward book.

The University Library holds over a million volumes, and while books have been returned from as long ago as the 1970s, he was pleased to see this one brought back in person.

“We are always pleased to have books returned, no matter how late they are, so a big thank you to Anna. I must say that 14 years late is somewhat unusual. It must have been a good read - I might have to check it out myself!"

A slightly bemused Ross Hallett gladly accepts the book.

University of Waikato Library quick facts: just on 134,000 loans and renewals of print books in 2017; 300,000 ebooks held as of the end of 2017 and 1,225,000 chapter downloads from those ebooks in 2017.

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