The number of world-class researchers at the University of Waikato has jumped dramatically, according to the latest government assessment.

The results from an evaluation of thousands of academics for the Performance Based Research Fund has been released this week.

At the University of Waikato, the number of A graded researchers (those evaluated as producing world-class research) has risen from 39 to just over 60. The number of B graded researchers (those producing high-quality research recognised at a national level) is stable at 203. The combined proportion of A & B researchers (61.5%) puts Waikato in the top bracket of NZ universities.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Professor Bruce Clarkson says the University has seen a reduction in C graded researchers, from 156 in 2012 to 116 in 2018, which further  enhances our profile and reflects the good number of previous C’s becoming B’s.

He says that as noted recently by Universities New Zealand, increasing the cohort of new and emerging researchers is challenging due to the constrained funding environment.  Professor Clarkson says that overall the picture is of strong progress with good potential for further improvement.

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