Open Access

Open Access is making peer-reviewed published scholarly research freely available online to the public and the global scholarly community. It brings research results out from behind the subscription paywall so they can be accessed by all.

The University of Waikato's Open Access Mandate Guidelines

The University of Waikato's Open Access Mandate Guidelines were approved on 4 March 2014. Under the Guidelines, University of Waikato faculty are empowered to assert their rights to disseminate their research and scholarship as widely as possible.

Faculty are encouraged to deposit the full text of their peer-reviewed academic publications into the University's digital repository, Research Commons to be distributed freely around the world.


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How can researchers make their work open access?

University of Waikato staff should deposit a version of their published papers in Research Commons, the University of Waikato's open access digital repository. Most journal publishers allow authors to deposit the 'Accepted Manuscript' version. This is referred to as 'green' open access; it is free and is the preferred option at The University of Waikato.

Papers can also be published in an open access journal. This strategy is known as 'gold' open access. While some publishers charge authors a fee for Gold OA, many open access journals are free to authors as well readers.