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NCEA Change 2 - Parity for Mātauranga Māori

Posted 03 Nov 2022 1:40pm by Stephen Ross

NCEA Change 2, Equal status for mātauranga Māori in NCEA, is due to be phased in from 2024 beginning with level 1 NCEA.  This has really got people talking. Why has the introduction of equal status for mātauranga Māori in NCEA been so significant? Where has this come from? Is this really a big deal?

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Values, Wokeness and Decolonising the Curriculum

Posted 26 Jun 2023 3:33pm by Stephen Ross

A recent article from the Daily Mail UK suggested that 'Universities were 'decolonising' courses to mollify activists'.  When this  was subsequently re-posted on the NZ Physics Teachers Facebook page, it elicited a string of comments.

I don’t think most schools are rushing to decolonise physics just yet nor is it going to be debunked in a decolonised curriculum.  One thing is certain. Education in Aotearoa New Zealand is undergoing rapid change and, like any other sector in 2022, we all have to be prepared to rapidly grow and adapt.

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Feed the Children, Nourish the Mind

Posted 05 Oct 2022 3:21pm by Mary Jamieson

Recently there have been news articles about school lunches and wastage.

Here, we look at the school lunch models used overseas.

Perhaps what we need in Aotearoa is a model that is more equitable, a system where students learn to take responsibility for setting up and packing up and where students learn what a healthy meal looks like and what it means to eat together and talk together.

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Mental Health Awareness week

Posted 27 Sep 2022 2:57pm by Loren Wilson

This week is mental health awareness week, so it is an opportune time to reflect on mental health issues.  It is estimated that one in five New Zealanders will experience a mental illness in their lifetime with women affected at twice the rate of men.

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Ko te Wiki o te Reo Māori

Posted 16 Sep 2022 7:30am by Kay Neilson

I am a fourth generation New Zealander.  My father’s great grandparents sailed from Swansea in 1864.

My husband’s family can trace their roots back many more generations.  His mother’s family are Tainui Māori from Kawhia. Tracing your whakapapa is like doing a huge jigsaw puzzle but there is big piece missing - te reo Māori.

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Happy International Literacy Day!

Posted 09 Sep 2022 2:48pm by Chris Henderson

International Literacy Day falls on 8 September each year, since its inception in 1966 at the 14th session of UNESCO’s General Conference. It celebrates the importance of literacy and the need for increased efforts towards creating more literate societies. It also reminds each of us not to take for granted being literate and the opportunities that allows us to access in this world.

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