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Posted 24 May 2018 4:25pm

Reconceptualising Leadership

A snapshot from NZEALS Conference 18 - 20 April 2018

As an active member of NZEALS, I most recently had the privilege of attending 3 days of professional and academic dialogue with educational leaders from many sectors across NZ. Together we had the opportunity to consider the notion of what it means to 'Re-conceptualise Leadership' at a time of significant educational change within Aotearoa, New Zealand. The Hon Chris Hipkins provided an opening provocation in his address on the first morning that challenged us to consider how NZ citizens don't generally live their lives in 'nice neat little compartments' and yet we tend to operate our educational system as if they do! He also highlighted this government has high on its agenda the need to empower teachers and leaders to unleash the power of our New Zealand Curriculum, explore what is possible and move away from a focus on arbitrary targets!

Over the three days, we were privileged to experience shared understandings and research on Leadership for Cultural Inclusivity, Collaboration and Sustainability through a number of keynotes and break out sessions. Practitioners and researchers presented their narrative and best practice experiences from across the sectors. Highlights for me were Professor Tahu Kuktai (UOW) who presented Diversity or Divergence and explored opportunities and challenges we are presented within NZ; Associate Professor Rachel McNae (UOW) Contemplating Togetherness - Navigating change and complexity with collective responsibility who challenged us to think about relationships and how we develop agency and view schools, not as lines, but as 'objects of complex and adaptive systems'; and also the work of Dr Jan Roberston Reconceptualising Leadership as a Partnership Relationship.

Thought-provoking, challenging and provocative. NZEALS conference 2018 has stirred the notion of 'possibilising' within me - how might I enable and encourage leadership relationships to flourish as partnerships within these shifting and changing times in education?

Janine Mackay,
Facilitator, IPL

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