Te Aka Matua Pāngarau App

Are your students Kaupae 4 or 5 (stage 4 or 5) for pāngarau? This app helps tamariki to practice and consolidate their knowledge and skills at this level, in three Pāngarau curriculum areas.

They can play educational games across several zones of the motu (island) and complete 6 levels of Meka Matua (Basic Facts), Uara Tū (Place Value) and Tauira me te Pānga (Patterns and Relationships).

The app includes two additional games:

Te Whare Hākinakina (sports ground) where you have two backgrounds to choose from, a rugby field or a netball court. This game will teach tamariki about sequencing, up to 100,000.

Te Pāmu (forest) where you can find some of Aotearoa's native birds flying around. In this game, tamariki will learn skip counting, repeat addition, multiplication and division.

The games include multiple difficulty levels, increasing the challenge for young learners.

The games also feature a multi-player functionality, allowing learners to play against others via the internet. Competitors are picked at random, players won't know who they are playing but their competitive side will come out and provide motivation for better results!

Download for free on Google Play or on Apple's App Store