Shelly Good

Title: Facilitator
Location: Hamilton
  • MOE Accredited
  • English Medium Accredited

  • Communities of Learning / Kāhui Ako
  • Embedding language, culture and identity
  • Engaging whānau and communities
  • Enhancing student agency
  • Innovative Teaching and Learning
  • Leading for Excellence
  • Lifting student achievement

Phone: 027 505 8901


2016 - 2008 Annual mentor training - Auckland University - Open to Learning conversations with Viviane Robinson Leadership training in developing professional learning groups for Principals (PLGs)

2016 Growth Coaching International Accreditation - coaching for leadership

2016 - 2014 Facilitator in Leadership and Assessment contract team

2015 Facilitator training in Joan Dalton's Learning Talk, 2016 - the art of inquiry to support learning

2005 - 2004 Master of Education (studying) 3 papers completed; Development, Issues and Perspectives, Profesional Educational Seminar at the University of Waikato

2002 Graduate Diploma in Information Technology in Education Waikato Institute of Technology

2000 National Diploma in Educational Management- Christchurch college of Education

My Experience

Working with school leaders and principals on the Leadership and Assessment contract is my current role as a facilitator. Their dedication and passion puts me in awe, it is a privilege to share my own commitment and enthusiasm for growing great leaders. Great leaders ultimately make a difference for all learners, teachers and students. Building effective, professional learning relationships is supported by my teaching experience, love of learning, successful primary principal-ship and first time principal mentoring.

Listening carefully and asking reflective, thoughtful questions establishes the current reality and probes possible future actions and goals. A caring, empathetic, positive approach, builds trusting relationships, allowing me to challenge current thinking, motivate action, support the development of systems that support leadership and management actions across the school.

I work collaboratively with leaders to effect change for improved learning outcomes and student success.

Carefully balanced support and challenge, with urgent action, related to need and context, empowers leaders to lead learning within a culturally responsive framework.