Dr Kathy Perez Seminars

Kathy Perez webInternationally renowned speaker Dr Kathy Perez is presenting her seminar which covers two workshops Dynamic Differentiation, one size does not fit all, and Learning is not a spectator sport, equip your students with a burning desire to learn!

Dr. Kathy Perez, an award winning classroom teacher, administrator and author has worked students from preschoolers to college graduates. Dr. Kathy is currently a professor of Education at Saint Mary's College of California, Director of Teaching Leadership and Coordinator of Professional Development and Outreach.

What other teachers are saying about Dr Perez:
"…If you don't walk away from Dr. Perez's seminar with ideas you can use tomorrow, you were unconscious during the presentation."

"WOW! Kathy delivered a great spectrum of information that any educator could use! She not only told us strategies – she showed us! I'm walking away skipping with excitement to use all these new ideas! Wa-hoo!"

Hamilton - 19 August 2016