Why Study Psychology at Waikato?

Psychology is one of the most important and critical topics in modern society. At Waikato, we welcome students into a community full of innovative thinkers. Our students work alongside internationally respected psychologists to understand and advocate for inclusive communities.

We ensure psychology is scientific and accountable, producing world-leading research in a friendly and welcoming environment. Our areas of specialisation are in the most critical areas of psychology, where psychology can make a difference to New Zealand society.

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With our flexible teaching options you can study at our campus in Hamilton or Tauranga

"The students and staff are so friendly and helpful. I loved the emphasis on Māori culture and its importance in my field."

"The intimacy of the campus is a real plus - it's not too big that you get overwhelmed. You really get to know people and staff."

- Recent psychology graduates

Study Options

You can study psychology in many ways here at Waikato. Whether you want to develop your foundational knowledge at undergraduate level, go on to specialise in postgraduate courses, or become part of our thriving research culture by taking on the challenge of a PhD, you'll find a study option to suit you.


You can study Psychology as a Major or a Minor in the Sciences, Social Sciences or Arts degrees.

We also offer a specialist Minor in Kaupapa Māori Psychology and a minor in Forensic Psychology is offered through Te Puna Haumaru New Zealand Institute for Security and Crime Science.

Many of our psychology papers can also be taken as electives by students on other degrees, have a browse through them.


Take your studies to the next level and improve your career prospects with our wide choice of postgraduate options . If you have an undergraduate degree in another subject and would like to move into psychology, a Graduate Diploma can help you make the transition.

For those wanting to develop transferrable skills and gain experience in carrying out psychological research at the same time as taking postgraduate papers, we offer the Honours programme. Or you might prefer to develop your knowledge in taught papers only and complete a Postgraduate Diploma.

A Masters degree (MSc, MSocSc, MA) further builds your expertise in psychology and psychological research and can be the springboard to a range of careers with a psychology focus.

For those wanting to specialise, we have three Professional Programme routes too. With the right pre-requisites, you can apply for the Master of Applied Psychology in Behavioural or Community Psychology or the 3-year Clinical Psychology programme.

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