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Mahia te mahi, hei painga mō te Iwi

All research produces knowledge but some projects have a much more transformational impact. Take a look at some of our success stories.

Māori data sovereignty: A hot topic

Since the release of the book Indigenous Data Sovereignty: Towards an agenda in 2016, the interest in Māori data sovereignty has grown exponentially. Te Mana Raraunga and the Data Iwi Leaders Group have been strong advocates for Māori data and this led to the recent appointment of Meka Whaitiri as an Associate Minister of Statistics with responsibility for Māori data.

The key challenge moving forward is putting Māori data sovereignty into practice by developing useful mechanisms like the Māori Data Audit Tool and the Ngā Tikanga Paihere framework.

Te Kotahi Research Institute is an active contributor to this conversation. For example, read this interview with Maui Hudson about moving towards an equitable and inclusive digital future, and Computerworld's piece on our Tikanga in Technology project.

Te Mana Raraunga, the Māori Data Sovereignty Network, is explored in the Health Research Council's story on Driving indigenous data sovereignty and in Maiam nayri Wingara's History of Indigenous data sovereignty.

Taking CARE of Indigenous data

The Global Indigenous Data Alliance has been actively promoting Indigenous data sovereignty and Indigenous data governance in international forum. They released the CARE Principles for Indigenous Data Governance in 2019 to ensure values that resonated with Indigenous communities are included when data is shared.

Work to put this principles into practice is underway with the Research Data Alliance through the International Indigenous Data Sovereignty Interest Group. We have also engaged with the Open Data Charter who see the CARE principles as supporting Nations to address issues of Indigenous data governance. This work has also extended into the development of an IEEE recommended practice for the provenance of Indigenous peoples' data.

For more information, see this Data Science Journal article: The CARE principles for Indigenous data governance.