Ka eke panuku | Capacity building

Ka eke panuku, ka eke Tangaroa

Postdoctoral fellowships are currently available in Indigenous data sovereignty and Mātauranga Māori.

Current scholars

Katie-Lee Riddle

Katie-Lee Riddle Katie-Lee Riddle is a Law Graduate from the University of Waikato. Having completed a Bachelor or Laws (Hons) with a second major in Theatre Studies, she has maintained a passion for Intellectual Property, and is particularly interested in the intersections between the Creative Industries and Law.

In the past four years, KatieLee has clerked at Chapman Tripp, served as President at the Waikato Women in Law Association, and spent two years on the Te Whakahiapo (Waikato Maori Law Students Association) executive board while also performing in numerous theatrical productions.

Throughout her studies, KatieLee has also researched in Gender and Sexuality Law, Charity Law, and Technology Law. She currently researches in the space of Indigenous Intellectual Property at Te Kotahi Research Institute as a Nga Pae o Te Maramatanga Scholar.

Rogena Sterling

Rogena Sterling From the tipua of the two-gender worlds I welcome you.

I have begun tutoring tikanga in jurisprudence for over 5 years as part of the jurisprudence course in the Faculty of law. I have researched in treaty and Indigenous issues at Masters and did my PhD with a human rights focus regarding identity and intersex people.

Since graduating I have been doing research for Te Mata Hautu Taketake - the Maori and Indigenous Governance Centre at Te Piringa - Faculty of Law, University of Waikato. The research involved areas of the Te Tiriti, the Resource Management Act 1991, and Co-governance. After that I began work with Maui Hudson and now Te Kotahi Research Institute on areas of open data and Indigenous perspectives, Indigenous Data Labelling, and Indigenous Data Sovereignty.

I also have a strong interest in decolonising sex/gender. I have taught social policy and have an interest in the biopolitics of categories and statistics. Though I came though law, I am a multidisciplinary scholar.