Kōtuia te mātauranga | Knowledge building and exchange


Te Kotahi Research Institute contributes to transformative praxis through knowledge dissemination and sharing by hosting of a range of events, workshops, symposiums and conferences, and through the publication of research reports and articles.

International exchange programmes

Iwi have much to gain through the research of their graduate and post graduate students. Te Kotahi Research Institute is building inter disciplinary spaces to enhance iwi research around areas of significance to them. Te Kotahi Research Institute further creates opportunities for Māori to have access to a range of research links nationally and to engage with Indigenous academics, researchers and communities.

Recent exchanges

MAI ki Waikato PhD exchanges:

  • Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • University of Denver, Arizona State University, UC Davis Sacramento, United States of America

Conferences and symposiums

He Manawa Whenua Indigenous Research Conference

He Manawa Whenua is a bi-annual Indigenous research conference hosted by Te Kotahi Research Institute. The conference attracts a large number of Indigenous peoples’ from around the world providing a unique and vibrant space to share and engage in knowledge with other Indigenous peoples’.

He Manawa Whenua is the Māori term for a sub-terrainal aquifer or an underground spring. It is from this source that the most pure, clear and refreshing water is obtained, being naturally filtered through the land before emerging at the surface. Water is life, and because a Manawa Whenua originates deep within the earth, Māori believe it is a most precious resource vital for the well-being of the people. The statement “he manawa whenua e kore e mimiti”, considers that the flow of the underground spring is everlasting, therefore its benefits are unlimited.