Taikākā: Optimising Māori Academic Achievement

Taikākā: Optimising Māori academic achievement in a Maori medium teacher education programme is a project funded by Ako Aotearoa. The aim of the project if to build upon existing teaching and learning strategies to improve academic outcomes in an undergraduate degree level Maori medium ITE programme.

This project centred on the investigation and adaptation of selected elements of the U.S. professional teaching and learning system called AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination). Through the experiences and perspectives of staff and students involved in this project, the findings not only highlight some of the strategies that are most useful to support student engagement and success, but the complexities inherent in Maori-medium ITE.


Research Team

Associate Professor Jenny Lee-Morgan joined Te Kotahi research Institute as Deputy Director in July 2016. Jenny was the Head of School of Te Puna Wānanga, School of Māori Education at The University of Auckland. Previously a Māori secondary school teacher, Jenny worked in the community, tertiary and business sectors with a focus on teaching and learning, and Kaupapa Māori research.  Her doctoral research focused on pūrākau of Ako (Māori pedagogies) of Māori secondary school teachers. Jenny's Master’s thesis was the basis for her book “Jade Taniwha: Māori-Chinese Identity and Schooling in Aotearoa”, that draws on accounts of four Māori-Chinese, recollecting their experiences of identity at school in New Zealand.