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Project Information

‘Tiakina Te Pā Harakeke’ will investigate how the mana of Te Pā Harakeke, the collective values that nourish all whānau members, enhances the well-being of tamariki Māori as taonga within our whānau, hapū and iwi. The project explores ways in which Māori values and tikanga are harnessed in contemporary whānau contexts to provide safe, vibrant and enriched childrearing, parenting and child-focussed strategies. The project aims to provide knowledge and information about the success elements of raising children that have been and continue to be practiced for generations amongst our people.  The project will support the overall wellbeing and resilience of whānau by  providing information of tikanga and mātauranga Maori that can assist whānau and others to identify, learn and practise positive, culturally enriched and effective approaches to childrearing as defined and practiced by our tupuna.  

‘Tiakina Te Pā Harakeke’ will provide access to the wisdom and approaches of a diverse range of people who have a depth of knowledge in tikanga, te reo Māori and childrearing practices, both traditional and contemporary, who can identify and define those elements that ensured whānau wellbeing within traditional Māori society.  The project focuses upon the wellbeing of tamariki within diverse whānau and as such will provide valuable insights from a range of our people as to drawing upon tikanga in ways that will best serve the needs of whānau within a range of contemporary settings. This will be done through Kaupapa Māori research process that includes a range of methods such as in depth interviews; hui; wananga and digital storytelling. The use of creative methods allow for a range of innovative outputs that will enable research findings to be accessible to a wide audience of whānau, hapū, iwi, Māori providers and policy makers.

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