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Ngā Pou Senior Research Fellowship


The Ngā Pou Senior Research Fellow programme contributes to Māori health through developing evidence based information that can enhance Family Violence prevention and intervention approaches.  The research component aims to investigate Māori cultural expressions of emotions to develop a cultural framework that can be applied to Family Violence prevention and intervention work.  A key research aim is to explore cultural expressions of emotions to develop an in-depth understanding of a range of emotional states from a Māori perspective.  The research will also link to other studies that share common goals of identifying and describing pathways to wellbeing based on Māori and Indigenous definitions and indicators of health.  The impetus for the research component of the programme has come from Māori Providers, counsellors and community workers who are working alongside whānau.

The fellowship programme also carries an international component that enhances Indigenous knowledges contributing to a cross cultural knowledge database.  There are a number of specific activities that will be carried out to achieve the overall aim of strengthening international Indigenous research collaborations and contributing to knowledge on Indigenous concepts of health. Together, the aims related to applying Māori knowledge to health framework development along with collaborating with international Indigenous researchers are intended to culminate in a rich programme of indigenous thinking that will benefit Māori providers and whānau.

The programme will also contribute to the enhancement of kaupapa Māori research capability and capacity through the provision of free research training workshops.  This aim aligns with the HRC’s strategic goals for Māori health research that collectively speak to developing a culture of excellence. These workshops are a continuation of a research training series led by Associate Professor Pihama alongside Dr Sarah Jane Tiakiwai of the Waikato-Tainui College for Research and Development.

Aim 1: Undertake Research project ‘He Kare a Roto’ to develop a cultural framework for understanding emotions from a Māori perspective which will inform Maori health providers working in the area of Family Violence prevention and intervention.
Aim 2: Provide opportunities for Maori Health Research Translation
Aim 3: Support Maori workforce capacity building
Aim 4: Strengthen international Indigenous research collaborations and contribute to knowledge on Indigenous concepts of health

For more information contact Associate Professor Leonie Pihama

Health Research Council

Associate Professor Leonie Pihama

Associate Professor Leonie Pihama is a mother of six and a grandmother of four. Leonie is an Associate Professor and the Director of Te Kotahi Research Institute at the University of Waikato, and Director of Māori and Indigenous Analysis Ltd, a Kaupapa Māori research company. She has worked as a senior lecturer in Education at the University of Auckland teaching in the fields of policy analysis, Māori women’s issues, and the politics of representation of indigenous peoples. She has served on Māori Television’s establishment board and worked in film and media production, and in late 2013, she was appointed as a Director on the Te Māngai Paho Board.  She has completed a Fulbright Scholarship with the University of Washington, and has extensive expertise connecting her to a wide-range of communities and iwi, which enables her to relate to people throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

Leonie is currently the Principal Investigator on three Health Research Council projects, ‘He Oranga Ngākau: Māori Approaches to Trauma Informed Care’, ‘Honour Project Aotearoa’, and ‘He Ngākau Māori: Investigating Māori Cultural Constructions of Emotions’.

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