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Working with Indigenous Nations

Te Kotahi Research Institute will work to meet the research and development aspirations of Indigenous communities. We can support research and training in the following areas;

Economic development and inter-generational sustainability

A focus on economic development issues and Indigenous futures that engage tribal authorities, incorporations, and sub-tribal entities including; future planning, applying mātauranga frameworks, environmental impacts, and global economic trends.

Environmental and tribal well-being

This theme addresses the environment, how we live in it, and how it sustains us including; waterways and land and water restoration, homeland development, forestry, and healthy families.

Solving complex social challenges

Projects in this area will address issues of social justice and social change including; criminal justice, social justice, historical trauma, social change, cross-sectoral issues including housing, health, and education.

Traditional knowledge, language and cultural identity

This theme concentrates on issues of cultural integrity including; documentation, revitalisation, critical commentaries, and cultural Transformation.

Leadership, guardianship, sovereignty

Indigenous leadership and capacity building are the focus within this area which includes; Women in leadership, governance, capacity building, and resource management.

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