Research at Waikato

Studying the sex lives of spiders

A Marsden Fast Start grant will allow University of Waikato behavioural ecologist and senior lecturer Dr Chrissie Painting the time and opportunity to learn more about something that would keep most normal people awake at night - the sex lives of spiders.

Camera Tile

Sensing Success

How did a group of Waikato engineering researchers evolve into a successful company working with the world's titans of tech?

Electronic Waste

Fighting the tide of electronic waste

Waste, and e-waste in particular, is a world-wide problem, exacerbated by the fact so many electronic devices can’t be easily fixed when they break down, often because parts are obsolete, or they can only be fixed by authorised repairers. Rather than get your phone, laptop, TV or coffee maker repaired, it’s often more convenient and less expensive to buy a new one.

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