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Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery with Te Kura Aronui School of Social Sciences! Our thought-provoking subjects explore the ever-changing landscape of natural and physical resources, spaces, and the intangible realm of ideas, beliefs, morals, language, and organisations. Our inquisitive approach not only uncovers the mysteries of the world around us but also delves deeper into our own place within it.

Our curriculum is uniquely positioned at the forefront of pivotal global and local debates, ranging from post-colonialism and indigeneity to growth, sustainability, and climate resilience, social justice, emergent identities and institutions. You'll be taught by award-winning teachers and internationally respected academics, who will guide you through our flexible and engaging programmes that cater to your busy lifestyle in the modern environment. Join us and become a part of the next generation of change-makers who will shape our world for the better.

Intelligent Questions

Gender, sexuality and the body

When did you last hear something positive about physical differences? Professor Katrina Roen speaks about how we experience our bodies and how we make sense of what we experience.

Exploring Consumer Society and the Service Economy by Researching Baristas

Dr Gemma Piercy-Cameron speaks about her PhD research on baristas and café culture.

What does history look like if we start from the ocean, instead of the land?

Dr Kate Stevens speaks about the history of whaling in Aotearoa New Zealand and her other research interests.


Social atlas provides valuable insights into changing population

A social atlas developed at the University of Waikato is the first of its kind in New Zealand – and researchers say it paints a unique picture of our changing demographics.

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Leading academics awarded Emeritus Professor titles

The University of Waikato has awarded two of its leading academics the prestigious title of Emeritus Professor for their contributions  to the University and their fields of expertise.

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Scholarship winner looking to the future of the environment

This year’s Artemis Scholarship recipient is keen to use her degree to help iwi mitigate negative impacts on the environment as a result of increased development.

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University of Waikato joins international Climate Alliance

The University of Waikato has joined an international coalition of around 50 of the world’s top climate research universities with a shared vision to be a global source of trusted communication of climate research.

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Sharing better: Connecting policy makers in Wales and New Zealand

Around the world environmental policy makers and land management practitioners are facing similar challenges. In the age of zoom and common environmental problems, how can policy makers team up with their counterparts in similar countries to talk through what’s worked for them and what hasn’t?

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