The University of Waikato is committed to leading the way in esports in New Zealand. With the development of the OMEN Esports Arena, University of Waikato Esports Club, 2degrees Esports Scholarship, High Performance Team and tournaments and activities (managed by University of Waikato Esports Club), we are providing experiences and career pathways into the rapidly growing esports industry.

University of Waikato Esports

Formed in 2019, University of Waikato Esports was established to enhance esports opportunities for students at the University of Waikato. The club is open to students and staff.  Catering to competitive and social players, the Club is based at the OMEN Esports Arena.

Games and rates: University of Waikato Esports will provide members with access to global games including League of Legends, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch and Rocket League. Students will pay $3 per hour, staff $5 per hour.

Join today: Become a University of Waikato Esports member by signing up at UniRec today.  Annual membership (to 31 October) is $15. Bring along your student or staff identification.


Esports Coordinator, Tom Featonby:



OMEN Esports Arena

Waikato is the first New Zealand university to develop a purpose-built esports arena. The new facility houses 14 high-tech OMEN gaming computers and will be used for training, competitions and socialising.

Students and staff can access the OMEN Esports Arena by becoming a University of Waikato Esports member. Join at UniRec.

Location: The Station, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton (map)

For opening hours and other info: /WaikatoEsports


Volunteering provides a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, meet new people and play a major role in delivering esports at the University of Waikato. We are seeking arena assistant volunteers to help run our esports presence on campus.

To apply: Email Tom Featonby, Esports Coordinator, and let him know why you’d be perfect for the role -

2degrees Esports Scholarship

Value: Up to $5,000
Study level: Entrance/School Leaver
Subject area: Any

The 2degrees Esports Scholarship is for school leavers and will be awarded to a high level esports athlete who can lead the way in esports at the Hamilton campus. The successful applicant will receive a $5,000 scholarship as well as mentoring and wellbeing assistance.


The University of Waikato is committed to supporting our students in all facets of life. With our partnership with Riot Games (League of Legends) we are well positioned to show the positive effects esports can have on wellbeing. To learn more about the wellbeing resources created by Riot Games click here.

High Performance Team

Waikato is seeking athletes for the High Performance Esports team to compete in the annual Melbourne Esports Open. If you are a talented esports player, contact the Esports Coordinator to express your interest in competing.

Contact: Email Tom Featonby, Esports Coordinator, -

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