Inter-Faculty Sports Championship

In Hamilton, faculties compete across six sports to win the overall Inter-Faculty Sports Championship Hamilton trophy.

Tauranga will host three Inter–Faculty Sports Championships in 2020. Represent your faculty and compete to win the overall Inter-Faculty Sports Championship Tauranga trophy. Register your interest to play in Tauranga here.

Faculties are awarded points for participating at each event, and the faculty with the highest overall points at the end of the year will win the trophy.

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Management Positions:

Each team needs a manager, and some may look to recruit coaches. You can also volunteer and put your hand up to be a referee or official. Contact your Faculty Sport Ambassador to put your name forward.

Play for Your Faculty:

You must be a current enrolled student with the faculty you are representing. If you are a member of two faculties, you can play for one or both faculties.

Contact the Inter-Faculty Sport Team