University of Waikato Sports Clubs (UWSC)

The University of Waikato Sports Clubs (UWSC) was founded in 2010 and is a governing body with charitable status that unifies seven university clubs under one multi-sport banner.

UWSC was formed to provide leadership around the governance of university sports clubs and, in partnership with the clubs; assists in creating a sustainable future and successful sporting experience for members. UWSC’c role is to support clubs by taking a collective approach to sports management by reducing the administrative costs, assisting with marketing, management and overall sports delivery.

UWSC is committed to the growth of sports clubs and the development of relevant sporting facilities for students, alumni and community members and aims to assist the University of Waikato in achieving its goal of being the number one university for sport in New Zealand.

Core Clubs:
  • University of Waikato Netball Club
  • University of Waikato Rugby Football Club
  • University of Waikato Hockey Club
  • Waikato Unicol Association Football Club
  • University of Waikato Rowing Club
  • Hamilton Star University Cricket Club
  • University of Waikato Basketball Club (new member 2018)

Note: All UWSC clubs are incorporated societies with charitable status.

Current Focus

The current key areas of focus are to maximise the funding utilised for facilities, coaching and club resources as well as to develop relationships with local key stakeholders. UWSC manages grant applications and regularly liaises with clubs to assist their growth and development.

The Future

UWSC is involved in the University of Waikato’s Sport Precinct master planning project, alongside the University. This includes strategic planning of developments and upgrades to university sports facilities. It is a sustainable and coordinated approach from all parties involved.

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