Flatting & Homestay

If the Halls of Residence aren’t for you and you're searching for a more independent lifestyle, there are plenty of alternative accommodation options within a short distance of our Hamilton campus.


Flatting is when you share accommodation with other students in a private house located off campus. The cost of flatting per week for each person (based on recent figures with 2-4 flatmates) is between NZ$100-$140 for a room, plus food and utilities.


There are many rental properties available in Hamilton. You can rent a house in a nearby residential suburb for you and your family for between approximately NZ$300-$450 a week for a three bedroom home.


A bond is an initial payment required for security by landlords when offering their premises for rental. Bonds are refundable at the end of the tenancy if accounts are paid in full and the flat or house is well maintained.

Landlords can request a sum of money as a bond equivalent to 1-4 weeks' rent. Extra fees that can be added to the bond payment include 2 weeks' rent in advance and/or a Real Estate Agent's fee which is usually equivalent to 1 week's rent. In New Zealand, the bond is not held by the landlord but is deposited in trust with the Department of Building and Housing

More information about renting, including signing tenancy agreements and paying a bond, can be found at Tenancy Services New Zealand

Rental property search

You can search online for flats/houses to rent or available rooms to rent in the Hamilton area. We recommend you arrive 1-2 weeks before the semester starts in order to find suitable accommodation and to settle in!

You can find houses and flats for rent on:


Our Homestay team can arrange for you to live in a Homestay (with a New Zealand family in their home). Whilst living in a Homestay, you can improve your conversational English and learn much more about New Zealand culture. Your Homestay family will also help you to settle into life in New Zealand.

In a Homestay, you will receive your own bedroom complete with a bed, desk/table and lamp, drawers and cupboard space to store your personal items and three meals per day, seven days per week.

You are expected to keep your room clean and tidy and help with other household duties as if you were one of the family.

Homestays are usually located within 30 minutes travel time from the University campus.

Homestay (living with a local family in a private home) is the preferred option for international students under the age of 18 years according to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral care of International students.

The cost of Homestay accommodation is NZ $266 a week, inclusive of food, power, laundry and in most homes, unlimited Broadband (some homes might still be on a plan and request a contribution) but exclusive of phone and transport costs.

A non-refundable Homestay Placement Fee of NZ$330 and the first four weeks of Homestay fees (NZ$1,064) must be paid before a Homestay placement can be made.

For more information on homestay please contact Homestay on or phone +64 7 858 5621

Please note: Placements are made for ‘single’/ ‘individual’ students only – not couples or families.

Cost of living

Hamilton and Tauranga each have a very affordable cost of living.


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