Student spaces on Hamilton campus

There are many different social and learning spaces you can use on campus to watch videos for your papers, study, catch up with friends or relax. Everyone knows about study spaces like the library, but there are some hidden gems you might not know about. Watch the video for details and check this list for more information.

Waikato Management School (MSB)

  • MSB.0.36 (Level 0, outside computer labs):  Large, heated space, study desk, kitchenette and vending machines, with after hours access from the Gate 10 carpark
  • MSB.1.19B (outside classrooms 1.20 and 1.21):  Tables, external courtyard
  • MSB.1.31/32 (Level 1 foyer space, lower entrance to PWC lecture theatre):  Study desks and leaners, powerpoints, vending machines
  • MSB.1.50 (Management Student Centre):  Desks, booths, computers
  • MSB.2.60 (Glasshouse reception area):  Desks, large table for groups

MSB study and groupwork space

Waikato Management School (MS3)

  • MS3 - Momentum Cafe:  Tables, couches, limited power points. No purchase required to use space

The Station

  • The Wellbeing Hub:  OMEN Esports Arena, tea and coffee, beanbags, couches, outdoor area

Wellbeing hub

School of Education (TC)

  • TC.1.31 (Level 1):  Large space with tables, couches, limited computers, vending machines, bathrooms

Inside School of Education

Large Scale Lab (LSL)

  • LSL.1.14 ('The Common Room'):  Large space, seats about 40, good for group work. Power points, bathrooms
  • LSL.1.24:  Power points and seating, seats about 14

S Block

  • All levels:  Printing, bathrooms, tables and chairs, outside tables, vending machine. Easy access to IJK blocks

Lady Goodfellow Chapel

  • CHSS.G.04 (Lady Goodfellow Chapel lounge): Heated, seating and tables, kitchen, quiet, view of Chapel Lake, all welcome

Lady Goodfellow Chapel

Waikato Students' Union

  • SUB ('The Basement'):  Social space, power points, seating, microwaves

Have we missed something?

If you know of another great space on campus that may not be obvious to everyone, let us know and we'll add it to the list.

Our entire Hamilton campus is smokefree.