Supplementary Record and EPP level

The EPP level that you achieve depends on your involvement across all three components - community volunteering, university participation, and workshop attendance.

Your Supplementary Record

How it looks and what it contains:

This record includes:

  • A brief EPP explanation for employers.
  • A list of the community organisations you volunteered with and the hours spent helping each.
  • A list of the university activities that you have helped out at on campus.
  • A list of the workshops (or series of workshops) that you have attended.
  • Your overall EPP rating of gold, silver or bronze.

You'll receive your Supplementary Record when you graduate if you are at gold, silver or bronze level.

Using your Supplementary Record

The careers team advise that it is best to use the relevant information from your Supplementary Record to include in your CV. Then, when you get called in for an interview, your Supplementary Record is a great support document to take with you, along with a copy of your CV and any other relevant documents.

Go for gold!

An official Supplementary Record is awarded to everyone who reaches gold, silver or bronze level. To reach the gold level, you need to meet all three gold criteria. If you reach the gold level in two components and silver in the other, your overall level will be silver. If you are at gold, silver or bronze level, you will receive your Supplementary Record at your graduation ceremony. If not, the record will be emailed to you just after your graduation and you can print it for your records if you wish.


  • 50 hours volunteering
  • 4 university activities
  • 8 workshops


      • 40 hours volunteering
      • 3 university activities
      • 6 workshops


          • 30 hours volunteering
          • 2 university activities
          • 4 workshops

          The three levels were previously called Distinction, Achieved, and Merit.

          Postgraduate and Pathways students: You only need to complete half of each amount shown above.

          Once you reach bronze, you're guaranteed a Supplementary Record

          Bronze is the minimum level of attainment. If you don't reach the bronze level, you will not receive a printed official Supplementary Record at your graduation. However, you'll be emailed a copy of your EPP record after graduation and can print it for your own records if you wish.