University participation and workshops

By playing an active part in campus life, and spending a bit of time getting ready for job hunting and the world of work, you're building your EPP Record.

University participation

Careers Fair
Lantern Festival, the final event of International Day

The bigger the part you play in the life of our university, the more things you'll have to add to your EPP Record.

Helping out at university events like Orientation, the Careers Fair, or the International Lantern Festival is one way to join other EPP students in making our campus as fun and welcoming as possible. We'll let you know when there are upcoming events that need you on the team.

Taking part in student clubs and societies is a great way to meet people and show potential employers what you're interested in outside of class, and what skills you're developing in your own time. See the WSU for a list of groups you can join. The WSU updates us with a list of students involved, so you don't need to enter this yourself.

Class representative roles are also automatically added to your EPP Record, so you'll get recognition for helping students and faculties hear and understand each other.


Career Development workshops

Career Development Services run a number of workshops that help you prepare your first steps into the world of work. Every workshop you attend is another step closer towards getting your dream job, and it's another addition to your EPP Record.

These workshops cover topics like:

  • Preparing CVs and cover letters
  • Social Media like LinkedIn
  • Interview skills
  • Networking
  • Finding an internship or work placement
  • Personal branding
  • Job Search
  • Employment Rights

Career Development workshops are usually an hour long and happen on campus. We also occasionally bring organisations like St John's on campus to run a First Aid Course - often at reduced student rates.

You can see what's coming up, and book your place, in MyCareer > Events/Services > Workshops/Drop-ins.

Other workshops on campus

Throughout the year there will be other workshops held on campus that extend beyond career development into other useful areas. We bring in St John's to run first aid courses, for example. As a part of EPP, you'll hear all about upcoming opportunities as we organise them.

External workshops

As with volunteering roles, you're welcome to find workshops or training with external providers and count your participation towards EPP.

If it increases your employability, it's probably a good fit for EPP. If you want to check whether you've found something suitable, get in touch with the workshop title and the name of organisation running it. The only other information you'll need to add workshops to your EPP Record is proof of your attendance.

Email: [email protected]