Using MyCareer

MyCareer is where you can add all your volunteering. We add any university participation and your workshop attendance is recorded when you log-in on the iPad. All you need to keep track of is your community volunteering hours.

Updating your EPP record after you've volunteered

As you build your volunteering experience, make sure it all helps get you closer to EPP Gold. You can keep your EPP Record up to date through MyCareer. Select My AccountMy EPP ActivityAdd New Experience. Please add any one-off volunteering (Balloons over Waikato, Relay for Life, etc) once the event is over. For any long-term volunteering, please update your hours once at the end of each semester (we will send you an email to remind you).

You'll need to attach verification of this volunteering, especially the total number of hours you completed. Please email a representative from the organisation with this key information for them to confirm, and then add it as the attachment in MyCareer, please ensure that the total hours, name of the person you reported to and the organisation is included in the screenshot.

Information to include in email to organisation:

  • Your name and University ID
  • Organisation name
  • Role title
  • Date(s)
  • Total hours

Already a volunteer? Keep track of those hours!

If you're currently an active volunteer, keep track of your hours and look out for an email from us at the end of the semester which will have all of the information you need about entering this in MyCareer.

If you've already finished volunteering with a non-profit organisation, please follow the instructions above to add it to MyCareer with an email attachment as verification. Please remember that you can add any volunteering you have completed while you've been a University of Waikato student, so long as it was in 2017 or later - but any volunteering earlier than that should still be included in your CV.

EPP began in Semester A of 2017, therefore your EPP record can go back as far as the start of 2017.

University participation is recorded by uni staff

You don't need to worry about adding university participation roles, like helping out at Careers Day or the Lantern Festival. The University staff member who organised the event will enter this for you. Please let us know ([email protected]) if you notice a role hasn't been added a month after the event and we will follow up with the relevant staff member.

Adding workshop attendance to your EPP record

If you attend a workshop run by the University of Waikato Career Development Services team and signed in on an iPad, your attendance will be uploaded at the end of each month.

If you attend a workshop with an external organisation, please add it to MyCareer > MyAccount > My EPP Activity > Add New Experience. Add a copy of your completion certificate to documents as evidence. Please check with us if the workshop will be suitable for your EPP record by emailing [email protected] but, if it increases your employability, it is probably a good fit for EPP.