Academic Planning

To be able to have a global experience you need to know when it will work best within your degree.

While you typically go on an internship or short-term programme over the summer break, the best time to go on an exchange will vary depending on your degree programme.

The official credit mapping process happens after you have been accepted to a Waikato Global Experiences Programme. You will be given the documentation used by the University of Waikato to confirm that the papers you take overseas will be credited to your degree upon your return.

If you are unsure how to map a global experience within your degree, we recommend meeting with one of our advisors to review your degree planner before you start an application.

Trimester Exchange

There is generally a great amount of flexibility within most degrees (see note about Bachelor of Teaching degrees below). However, if you are completing a double major or a conjoint degree you will need to map your degree programme more intricately in order to get the best fit for an overseas exchange.

Bachelor of Teaching Degrees

Unfortunately it is not possible for teacher education students to complete an exchange during their degree. This is mainly due to the full year papers that make up the degree. Generally, the professional papers within our teacher education programmes do not have the flexibility that other non professional papers do within the University.

The School of Education does have practicum exchanges to Singapore and Denmark students can apply for. These opportunities are managed by the School of Education directly. Please email Wendy Carss <[email protected]> for more information.

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Global Internships

Our partners CRCC Asia and Intern Group have internship opportunities in a wide variety of sectors and all internships are in English. The programmes range from 1-3 months and are located in cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Barcelona, New York and more.

There is a cost for these internships, however, Waikato students receive a partnership discount and are considered for the Global Experiences Travel Award.

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