Academic Planning

To be able to go on a Waikato OE you need to know when it will work best within your degree.

While you typically go on an internship or short term programme over the summer break, the best time to go on an exchange will vary depending on your degree programme.

The official credit mapping process happens after you have been accepted to a Waikato OE Programme. At this stage you are given the documentation used by the University of Waikato to confirm that the papers you take overseas will be credited to your degree upon your return.

However, if you are unsure how to map a Waikato OE within your degree, we recommend meeting with an advisor from your area of study to review your degree planner before you start an application. Find the key contact information for the advisor/s from your area of study using the pages below.

Below you will also find degree specific information, key links and student testimonials - giving you the tools you need to best plan for your Waikato OE.