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Gain critical skills for your degree and future career - second language fluency, intercultural competence and critical reasoning, to name a few!

Student Exchange

While there is generally a great amount of flexibility within Arts and Social Science degrees, if you are completing a double major or a conjoint degree you will need to map your degree programme more intricately in order to get the best fit for an overseas exchange.

Note: there are no extra requirements for Arts and Social Science students to be eligibile, just the standard Waikato OE critera.

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Global Internships

Our partners CRCC Asia and Intern Group have internship opportunities in a wide variety of sectors and all internships are in English.  The programmes range from 1-3 months and are located in cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Barcelona, New York and more.

There is a cost for these internships, however Waikato students receive a partnership discount and are considered for the Waikato OE Travel Award.

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Work Integrated Learning (WIL)

As part of your Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Social Science you are required to take a work-integrated learning (WIL) paper. WIL papers create a link between academic learning and the practical applications of this learning in the workplace.

For some Waikato programmes, it could be possible to credit an international internship for your WIL paper. CRCC Asia and Intern Group global internships are currently non-credit bearing so you are encouraged to speak with your key contact below if you want to arrange credit.

Find out what other students think...

Charlotte Newell
Bachelor of Social Sciences, majoring in Psychology & Human Development

Cardiff University, Wales 

"I initially applied to go on exchange for two primary reasons. The first was that I have always loved travelling and enjoyed learning more about the world around me. However, I had never travelled independently and the challenge of that was always something that both excited and terrified me, which, to me, meant that I really had to do it. The second reason why I decided to go on exchange was because I wanted to challenge and develop myself, both personally and academically. I saw this as an opportunity to really broaden my university education through experiencing new teaching methods, information and a different perspective on my degree.

Overall, this is an experience that I believe completely changed my life and is something that I cannot recommend enough. Going on exchange is something that seriously challenged me at times but it’s something that I am so happy that I did. Cardiff was an amazing option for me, the university itself really pushed me to achieve my potential and taught me how to really take control of my learning. Cardiff is a city that I now hold close to my heart and the people I met over there will be lifelong friends who made coming home really hard. When looking back at the entirety of my exchange, both the good experiences and the bad, it is something I would do all over again in a heartbeat".

Sam Gerritsen
Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Political Science

University College Maastricht, The Netherlands 

"Everything will be OK- that’s the big neon sign that greets you in the courtyard of UCM (University College Maastricht- the cover page photo was me on my first day at UCM). As cliché as it sounds- I couldn’t find a better way to sum up the experience of my exchange. Going away for an entire year may sound daunting and scary but I can wholeheartedly say it was one of the best things I have ever decided to do.

It allowed me to see opportunity, experience new things and meet so many cool people.  It allowed me to see family in The Netherlands. Study in a new country and learn how their university life is. It will be one of those things that stays with you forever".

Key Contact

Paula Maynard
Email : [email protected]
Phone: 07 838 4551

Alternatively, book an appointment in person at the Arts, Social Sciences and Psychology reception desk on the ground floor of J building.