Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Computer Science is rapidly changing the world we live in. This is your opportunity to get a more global perspective on how!

Student Exchange

While there is generally flexibilty within Computing & Mathematical Science degrees, if you are completing a double major or a conjoint degree you will need to map your degree programme more intricately in order to get the best fit for an overseas exchange.

There are no extra requirements for Computing & Mathematical Science students to be eligibile, just the standard Waikato OE criteria.

Global Internships

Our partners CRCC Asia and Intern Group have internship opportunities in a wide variety of sectors and are in English.  The programmes range from 1-3 months and are located in cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Barcelona, New York and more.

There is a cost for these internships, however Waikato students receive a partnership discount and are considered for the Waikato OE Travel Award.

Explore global internships.

While our global internships are currently non-credit bearing, students are encouraged to speak to their School directly if they want to arrange credit for their WIL paper.

What other students are saying...

Daniel Lansdaal
Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, major in Computer Science

University of Bergen, Norway 

"One of the most amazing experiences of my life to date has been my study exchange to the University of Bergen in the city of Bergen, Norway.

The city of Bergen in Norway is an amazingly beautiful city surrounded by mountains and with a great student environment. There are many hikes in the area which can be done, and you will always see a Norwegian running past you as you enjoy your walk.

A big tip is to get get involved in a student organisation while on an exchange. I joined a volunteer team which ran a music venue called “Hulen”, translated as “The Cave”, which enabled me to meet a lot of Norwegians and locals and have a good time and talk with them. I learnt a lot from them about Norwegian language and culture, as well as getting tips on sweets and foods to try!"

Key Contacts

Joseph Henderson
Hannah Te Puia

Book an appointment with one of the above advisors at the reception desk in the FG Link building or email [email protected]

Phone: 07 838 4625