Enhance your employment prospects and make your CV stand out by participating in the Waikato OE Programme.

Student Exchange

While there is generally flexibilty within Management degrees, if you are completing a double major or a conjoint degree, you will need to map your degree programme more intricately in order to get the best fit for an overseas exchange.

After being accepted to a Waikato OE Exchange Programme, you are given the tools you need to get your exchange papers mapped and approved so that they are credited to your degree when you return from your exchange. However, if you haven't yet applied and need some general assistance figuring out if your academic programme allows for an exchange, you can meet with the friendly team of advisors in the Management Student Centre. Book an appointment using their contact details below.

There are no extra requirements for Management students to be eligible, just the standard Waikato OE critera.

Check out the Management Overseas Exchange page for information about the many personal and professional reasons to go on an exchange. You can also watch some videos of Waikato Management School students talking about their exchange experience.

Global Internships

Our partners CRCC Asia and Intern Group have internship opportunities in a wide variety of sectors and all internships are in English.  The programmes range from 1-3 months and are located in cities such as Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Barcelona, New York and more.

There is a cost for these internships, however Waikato students receive a partnership discount and are considered for the Waikato OE Travel Award.

Explore global internships.

While our global internships are currently non-credit bearing, students are encouraged to speak to their Division directly if they want to arrange credit for their WIL paper.

Braxton is one of our amazing Student Ambassadors - find out what she thought of her exchange experience...

Braxton Dinnan
Bachelor of Business, double major in Marketing and Public Relations
The University of Ottawa, Canada

"I decided to go on exchange because I love to travel and am always searching for new adventures and experiences. When the opportunity arose to apply for an exchange, it excited me to think about all the different places I could potentially travel to and immerse myself into the culture...

I met amazing people from across the globe and learnt a lot from living in a different country. I learnt a lot about Canada but also now have more knowledge about the countries my friends were from in terms of the cultural differences and similarities. Studying abroad was a whole new world. The way courses are run are so different, however, I learnt so much from the professors and the content was extremely interesting from the point of view of a business student. Being able to study consumer behaviour and advertising from a Canadian perspective was very insightful. The classes were much smaller and more discussion based than Waikato, however, the course workload was similar.

Travelling throughout the exchange was a big highlight from Toronto to Quebec City (see photo) to Mont- Tremblant to New York and Los Angeles. I also loved travelling within Ottawa to surrounding national parks. Living in the halls was a great way to meet people and immerse myself into the university culture in Canada. I was so nervous when I was at the airport about to jet off by myself... but once I got on the plane all the nerves went away and I remained excited for the rest of my time abroad.

My main advice would be to be confident, have fun and fully immerse yourself into the culture you travel to. Soak up as much as you can and appreciate the time you have there".

Key Contact

Book an appointment with a WMS student advisor to help you with your programme planning at

Alternatively, you can get in touch via email [email protected] or phone 07 838 4303

Location: MSB.1.50, (Level 1, WMS Building)