Trimester Exchanges

Where in the world do you want to go?

We have over 50 exchange partners in 20+ countries!!

Search through our programme pages in our Waikato OE portal - filter by subject/area of study, duration, language and many more to find programmes that suit your academic needs.

Each programme page has key information on available papers, housing, costs and budgeting, and some also have have student testimonials you can read!

Once you have had a look at your options, get in touch with us so we can answer any questions you have. We will also help guide you through the next steps.

Explore Exchange Programmes

Who's eligible for an Exchange?

Once you've spent two trimesters studying with us and achieved at least a B grade average, you're eligible to apply for a Waikato OE Programme.

While most programmes are for undergraduate students, some exchange partner universities will accept postgraduate students taking taught papers.

Both domestic and international students are eligible to apply for a Waikato OE programme.

Our exchange programme lets you earn the same points and pay the same fees as you normally would while studying at one of our partner universities around the world.

Transfer your points

The points you earn during your exchange will be transferred over to your Waikato qualification. The maximum number of points you can transfer is 60/trimester, which is equivalent to the standard semester workload at Waikato.


When you go on exchange, you will be enrolled as a University of Waikato student. This means you will pay tuition fees to Waikato, not at the host university. Instead of being billed for four individual papers (60 points), you are billed a fixed exchange fee which is the average of four Waikato papers at your level of study. So tuition is the same as you would pay staying in NZ! However, you’ll be responsible for other costs including airfares, overseas living costs, accommodation, and course materials.

There are funding options available though. If you are currently eligible for student loan and/or student allowance support you will be eligible for these while on your exchange. There are also some scholarships and awards available.

Check out our Costs and Scholarships page to learn more.

When to go on exchange

The best time to go on an exchange will vary depending on your degree and your remaining time until graduation.

You can go on an exchange for one or two trimesters, depending on the feasibility of your programme.

Check out our Academic Planning page to get the degree specific information you need to know when a Waikato OE will work best for you, as well as other tools that will help with your planning.

If you have any questions about courses and timing, please book an appointment to talk to one of our student advisors.

Applying for a Trimester Exchange

The Waikato OE application is made up of a number of sections. There are some sections that will take more time to complete. We have provided an overview below of some of these sections.

For a better overview of the process and instructions on how to get started, check out our step-by-step guide on how to apply here.

  • Passport Information
    You will be required to upload a scan of your current passport. If you are a NZ permanent resident visa holder, you will also need to include a scan of your visa.
  • Host Institution Choice
    This is where you list the three host institutions where you would like to study (see step 2 above). 
  • Course Interests 
    In this section you are asked to identify potential courses by researching the academic catalogue or class schedule at your host institution and working out which courses would be best suited to your Waikato degree. You must list a minimum of five potential courses for each university that you have listed within the 'Host Institution Choice' section.
    Please note: this isn't an official paper selection process and these listed papers are only used internally by the Waikato OE Team. It is just to help you plan your Waikato OE and ensure the best academic fit for you! 
  • Personal Statement
    You are required to write and upload an approximately 500 word statement that describes who you are, what you hope to achieve from going on your Waikato OE, your reasons for choosing a particular institution/internship and/or country, your representative capabilities for the University of Waikato and New Zealand, and any other information you wish to include.
  • Scholarship Application/s
    If you are eligible for any exchange scholarships, the deadline is the same as the Waikato OE application round. Make sure you apply for the relevant scholarship through you MyWaikato, alongside completing and submitting your Waikato OE application.
  • References
    You are required to have an academic and general reference listed in your application. It is important to first ask your contacts if they would be willing to act as a reference and complete a recommendation form for you. Once this is confirmed, you enter their contact details within the application.