Scholarships, Funding and Studylink

Most students fund their Waikato OE through a combination of scholarships, StudyLink and personal savings.


Exchange Tuition

Exchange tuition fees are the same as your standard Waikato tuition fees as shown in the table below.

When you go on exchange for at least one trimester, you will be enrolled as a University of Waikato student. This means you will pay tuition fees here, not at the host university. However, you’ll be responsible for other costs including airfares, overseas living costs, accommodation, and course materials.

Domestic StudentsInternational Students
One trimester$4,101.00One trimester$15,880.00
Two trimesters$7,996.00Two trimesters$31,553.00

*Costs are based on 2020 tuition fees and are subject to change.


When you go an internship, instead of paying tuition fees, you pay a programme fee directly to the internship provider. This fee will vary depending on location, program type and program length. To help give you an indication of how much an internship may cost check out the price overviews for our internship providers:

CRCC Asia Program Fees Overview

Intern Group Program Fees Overview


Did you know that if you are currently eligible for student loan and/or student allowance support that you could be eligible for these while on your exchange?

Eligibility for allowances and loans is based on the duration and total EFTS of your programme (i.e. full-time status).

You can apply for a Student Allowance/Student Loan/Scholarship for overseas study through StudyLink. You’ll receive these payments for the dates of your exchange, not the corresponding Waikato semester.

While our global internships are non-credit bearing, if you are able to arrange credit through your Department, you could also be eligible for student loan and/or student allowance support while on your programme.


The cost of an exchange programme will vary based on destination, accommodation, visa requirements, and insurance. If you plan to do a lot of extra travel, you will need to factor this into your budget as well.

For more information on funding at individual universities, see the Costs and Budget tab of the exchange programme you are interested in.

If you are going on an internship your costs will differ to an exchange. This is due to providers often including accommodation in their programme fee. However, your flights will always need to added on top. For a more detailed indication of what to budget for, check out our internship programmes.

Scholarships and Awards

Faculty Scholarships

There are several Faculty-specific scholarships available for you to apply for as part of your Waikato OE application.

Applying for faculty scholarships is done as part of your Waikato OE application, so all you need to do is ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and then tick the box of which scholarships you'd like to be considered for when applying for your Waikato OE!

Prime Minister's Scholarships

If you are planning to go to Latin America or Asia, we strongly encourage you to apply for a Prime Minister's Scholarship for Latin America (PMSLA) or Prime Minister's Scholarship for Asia (PMSA). Both are outbound scholarship programmes funded by the New Zealand government.

  • The scholarships are awards supporting undergraduate or postgraduate students wanting to undertake study or research in Asia or Latin America.
  • The application and selection process for the Prime Minister’s Scholarships are managed by Education New Zealand.
  • There are two application intakes per year for each scholarship:
    • 30 March and 30 August

Golden Key Scholarships

If you are a Golden Key member you may be eligile for one of the Golden Key Scholarships.

The Joan Nelson Study Abroad Scholarship assists members who are going to participate in a overseas study programme.  With the global economy in today’s world, Golden Key feels it is crucial for members to have education-based study abroad experiences. If you are successful, the ammount awarded is $5,000.

While the Undergraduate Achievement Award is not a specific travel scholarship, it is a cash in hand scholarship that recognises Golden Key members for their excellence throughout their undergraduate careers. If awarded this $5,000 scholarship you could put the money aside and save it up for your Waikato OE!

Waikato OE Travel Award

The Waikato OE Travel Award is an initiative to help you with travel costs. While your tuition for exchange remains the same, we know the cost of an international flight can be expensive.  The amounts range from $1000 - $2000 and are awarded to accepted students to help offset the cost of travel to your study destination.  No extra application is required - students will be awarded based on the cost of their programme and considering any other scholarships awarded.  Conditions apply.

Other Funded Opportunities

Language and Culture Assistants Program in Spain for New Zealanders: