Public transport

In Hamilton and Tauranga there are a range of bus routes and discounts, making your journey to the University campus easy and affordable.

Hamilton bus services

There are currently several bus routes that come to or near the University.

  • Route 13 (University) and Route 17 (Ham East/Uni) go between the city Transport Centre to the heart of the campus near the shops.
  • The Orbiter service circles the city clockwise and anti-clockwise and stops on Knighton Road outside Gate 2.
  • Route 2 (Silverdale) stops a short distance from the campus on Hillcrest Road (near St John’s College)
  • The Cambridge Route 20 also stops a short distance from campus, near the Hillcrest Warehouse.

Travel discounts with BUSIT

busit students

Thanks to an agreement with the Waikato Regional Council, University staff and students receive an additional 30% subsidy on the BUSIT card fare, paying only $1.70 per trip.

The 30% discount for University of Waikato students will be applied to the adult BUSIT card rate, reducing it from $2.40 to $1.70 a trip, with the University picking up the tab for the rest. The BUSIT card rate is already significantly cheaper than the single adult cash fare of $3.30. The discount covers all routes in Hamilton, plus regional routes to and from Hamilton. The discount will be applied at all times of day and every day of the year for current enrolled university students with a valid student ID and BUSIT card.

Visit BUSIT for full information on bus routes, fares and timetables.

Tauranga bus services

There are bus services into and around the city, which is great news for students and staff coming to the Tauranga CBD campus.

Travel discounts with the Smartride Card

A Smartride card is a reusable prepay card which can be used for travel, saving you the hassle of carrying cash, and gives a discount on the regular cash fares on urban services and some rural services in the Bay of Plenty region.

Visit Baybus for more information on bus routes, fares and the Smartride Card.