The University of Waikato embraces students of all religions. On our Hamilton campus, we have a chapel, as well as dedicated prayer rooms, student groups and two Chaplains who are able to support all students regardless of background or beliefs. Tauranga students can access our chaplaincy service by making an appointment.

Lady Goodfellow Chapel

The Lady Goodfellow Chapel is located across from UniRec on our Hamilton campus. The chapel complex has a number of uses, including the Chaplains offices. The Chapel is a good quiet space for students to come think, pray or study.

Several student groups also use the chapel for meetings.

Find out more about the Lady Goodfellow Chapel here.


We have two chaplains, Brother Andrew (Ecumenical) and Father JP (Juan Pedro) (Catholic) who are available for pastoral support.

Visit them at the Lady Goodfellow Chapel, or make an appointment to see Brother Andrew when he visits Tauranga.

Prayer Rooms

We have Muslim Prayer rooms available in L Block and SUB. To access these spaces, you will need swipe access entered on your student ID card from the Security Office in BX Block.

Student Groups


Student groups meet regularly at the Lady Goodfellow Chapel. Meetings generally occur during teaching periods of A and B trimesters.

Contact Brother Andrew for more information.


Tertiary Students’ Christian Fellowship (TSCF) meet on campus.

Contact Dave Hodgkinson at [email protected] for details.

For more information about Spirituality and Chaplaincy, click here.