Rainbow Alliance

Rainbow Staff and Student Alliance

Recognising the duty of higher education in promoting equality or opportunity and furthering social inclusion, the University provides support services for people who identify as takatāpui and LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, or other gender and sexuality minority groups). The Rainbow Staff/Student Alliance is a group for staff and students and provides a forum for networking, discussion and progression of takatāpui and LGBTIQ+ issues.

You can contact the Rainbow Alliance at [email protected] or subscribe to the Rainbow Alliance mailing list.

Transgender and gender diverse staff and students

Student records

Currently the university allows male, female, and gender diverse markers on student records. To change the gender in your student record, you can either ask at the Student Centre (Hamilton) or the Tauranga Student Centre, or email [email protected] and ask for this to be done.

To change your name on student record while you are still a student, you need to provide a statutory declaration or copy of your official name change certificate if applicable, to Student Administration (in person at the Student Information counter, or by email to [email protected]).

If you have already graduated and want to get a new degree certificate and/or academic record in a new name, you need to forward a statutory declaration outlining the circumstances necessitating the replacement of the certificate by email to [email protected] alternatively you can post it to:

Graduation Office 
Student Services Division,
University of Waikato,
Private Bag 3105,
Hamilton 3240,
New Zealand

You will normally need to return your existing degree certificate as well. The university will waive the $100 charge for a replacement degree certificate where it relates to a name change for trans and gender diverse alumni.

All gender bathrooms

The following bathroom facilities at the university are available for all people of all genders. Note that this list does not include bathrooms provided specifically for wheelchair accessibility.

Know of any all gender bathrooms that we’ve missed? Email us to let us know (note that we are not including wheelchair-accessible bathrooms in this list).

University policies

The University’s Diversity and Inclusion Programme explicitly mentions sexual orientation and gender diversity in outlining its commitment to an accessible and inclusive environment where staff members from diverse backgrounds can develop and contribute to their full potential. The University also has a clear anti-bullying and harassment policy which prohibits bullying and harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation.

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