Student safety

Keeping our students safe

For many students, the transition to university can be a time of increased freedom but also new responsibilities. We’re committed to ensuring our students can enjoy their time at the University of Waikato in an environment of safety and respect. This includes holding our staff, students and visitors to high standards of personal behaviour and academic integrity, and providing safe ways for students to let us know if another student or staff member has breached those standards.

We do not tolerate bullying, harassment (including sexual harassment) or discrimination, aggression, violence (including sexual violence) or threatening behaviour. Students and staff are expected to act honestly, conscientiously, reasonably and in good faith at all times.

If you feel unsafe, or need advice or support, check out the range of options available to you below:

Sexual assault

In an emergency situation phone 111. If on-campus, also alert University Security.
Hamilton campus: (07) 838 4444 or use one of the blue light phones.
Tauranga campus: 022 013 0840.

If you have experienced sexual assault or want to support someone else, there are services that can help.


Midlands Sexual Assault Service - 0800 883 300

Midlands provides:
*       Crisis counselling
*       Crisis support/advocacy (accompany an individual to Police, SAATs, Work and income etc)
*       Help accessing ACC sensitive claims

Someone at midlands can accompany an individual(s) to the Police and their SAATs appointment if they wish to use these services.

Sexual Assault and Assessment Service (SAATs) - (07) 858 0800 (ask for SAATs)

SAATs Provides victims of sexual assault with:
*       Free first-class medical care
*       Trauma counselling
*       On-going support

You do NOT have to report sexual violence to the Police to use this service.


Tautoko Mai - 0800 227 233 (08002B SAFE)

Tautoko Mai offers free 24/7 sexual harm support services including:
*       Crisis counselling
*       Crisis social work
*       Medical support (Forensic examinations/STI checks/Pregnancy tests)
*       ACC counselling

National hotline - Safe to talk 0800 044 334 or text 4334

The University provides a range of services including GP, nursing, chaplaincy, mental health and counselling. These are NOT Crisis support services. To find out more, call the Student Health Clinic on 07 838 4037.

Mental health and wellbeing

In an emergency situation phone 111, and then (if on Hamilton campus) alert University Security by phoning ext 4444, (07) 838 4444 or using one of the blue light phones.

If you or a friend or classmate is feeling depressed, anxious or stressed and you aren’t sure where to get help, please contact our confidential 24/7 Student Crisis Hotline: 0800 841 140.

We will respond to your immediate needs and work with you on a confidential basis to:

  • Listen and provide non-judgemental support
  • Provide referrals to the Student Counselling Service, the Student Health Service and other specialised external support services as required
  • Coordinate other practical support (academic special considerations, emergency housing, financial aid etc)
  • Talk through options and processes for managing mental health and wellbeing.

Members of the University of Waikato community who are concerned about a student’s mental health or wellbeing can also contact the University of Waikato Student Crisis Hotline on 0800 841 140 for support.

Support Services

On-campus support services

Counselling service

The Student Counselling Service is free to all students. The University will also work with you and other support services as needed.

Counselling services are available to Tauranga-based students. Students need to see Alana Johnson, the Tauranga campus student health nurse, for a referral (TCBD.1.28).

Student health

Student Health - provides Hamilton-based students with access to comprehensive health care. Cost depends on whether you are an international or domestic student, and whether you enrol with Student Health as your primary health provider (fees will be waived when a student is in crisis). Tauranga-based students have access to health services via Alana Johnson, the Tauranga campus student health nurse (TCBD.1.28).

Waikato Students' Union (WSU) student support

WSU Student Support - This service is free for all students to access, regardless of whether you are a member of the WSU. Provides advice, support and advocacy.

Other support services

If it is an emergency and you or someone you know is at risk, call 111.


How to make a complaint

Student discipline regulations

If you would like to make a formal complaint about another student’s behaviour, academic or otherwise, the Student Discipline Regulations set out the procedures. A complaint of misconduct can be made by a staff member, student, or member of the public, and will be investigated and heard by the University’s Student Discipline Committee. A tikanga process is available to resolve complaints of a tikanga nature.

Discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, are prohibited under the Student Discipline Regulations. Sexual harassment is defined as “verbal or physical behaviour of a sexual nature that is unwelcome, uninvited and unwarranted.”

Where a complaint of misconduct, discrimination, harassment or violence is upheld by the Committee, students can be excluded from all or part of the University, or have their enrolment suspended or cancelled.

Student complaints procedures

If you want to make a complaint about something that isn’t covered by the Student Discipline Regulations, the Student Complaints Procedures set out a range of options for informal or more formal resolution of your concern.

If you're an international student, you can download our step by step International Complaints Procedure Guide.

If you aren’t sure how to make a complaint or need some assistance in putting your complaint together, the University Student Information Centre staff can help, as can WSU Students’ Support.