Employability Plus Programme

The Employability Plus Programme (EPP) gives University of Waikato students the opportunity to gain work-ready skills through volunteer activity, university participation, and attending workshops.

Through EPP, you'll gain recognition for the volunteering, attending workshops and university events you help out at while you're studying in Hamilton or Tauranga. When you're job hunting, highlighting the practical skills and experience that you've gained will help you stand out to prospective employers.

The three components of EPP

Community volunteering

With partner organisations like Volunteering Waikato and Volunteering Bay of Plenty you have lots of options, including one-off micro-volunteering opportunities on campus. Regular emails let you know what's on.


Attend workshops covering topics like career planning, intercultural communication, leadership skills, applying for jobs, and personal branding. They're all designed to help you develop in your personal and professional life.

University participation

Be part of the university experience!  There are lots of opportunities, including being a member of a student club or society, being a class rep, mentoring, or helping out at campus events.

Your participation in all three of these components counts towards your achievement level of gold, silver, or bronze. Read more about EPP achievement levels.

Deane  Mason-Loveridge At the end of my university degree, I had a CV full of experience that helped me find my current job at the Bank of New Zealand. Your CV gets pretty huge when you volunteer and you make a lot of good connections!

EPP runs alongside your study

EPP volunteering is designed to fit in with your study schedule

EPP is an optional addition to your study. It's not a class or a paper, and there's no pass or fail. We encourage you to seek as many opportunities as you can to develop the skills that will increase your chances of getting the job you want when your study is finished.

Your EPP level of attainment (gold, silver or bronze) directly relates to how involved you become in the programme and will be included on your Supplementary Record. You need to be at gold, silver or bronze level to receive your Supplementary Record with your academic transcript when you graduate. If you do not reach bronze level, you are emailed a copy of your Supplementary Record after graduation which you can print for your records.

See more reasons to join EPP.

Join the EPP community

Open MyCareerTo join EPP, log into MyCareer then click:
My Account > My EPP Activity.

First, complete the Employability Plus Programme Agreement Form (you only need to do this once). Your application will be approved within two working days.

Email us

Are you a student and have questions about EPP? Email [email protected] to make an appointment.

Are you a non-profit organisation and would like to learn more about how to partner with EPP? Email [email protected] to request more information about becoming an EPP partner.