Why join EPP?

EPP is an easy way to connect with dozens of local non-profits, looks great on your CV, and is a fun student community to be a part of.

Make your CV stand out

What will you write under ‘Experience’ on your CV?

Volunteering is a great way to learn new skills and gain valuable experience.

If you’ve come straight from high school to university and have limited work experience or you're changing careers, EPP demonstrates to potential employers that you are community-minded and have developed relevant skills.

Employers agree: Volunteering gives you an advantage in the job market.

Research tells us that employers value candidates with volunteering experience when hiring, and when identifying leadership potential.

  • 93% believe that volunteering is a credible way to get real-work experience.
  • 89% believe that candidates who have volunteered during university in a role related to their studies have an advantage.
Seek Volunteering Research 2016

  • 82% are more likely to choose a candidate with volunteering experience.
  • 80% say that active volunteers move more easily into leadership roles.
Deloitte Impact Survey 2016

Connect with charities and non-profits that share your values

The regular micro-volunteering opportunities that we bring to campus, and the dozens of community partners that you can connect with through EPP...

Deane  Mason-Loveridge At the end of my university degree, I had a CV full of experience that helped me find my current job at the Bank of New Zealand. Your CV gets pretty huge when you volunteer and you make a lot of good connections!

Be part of our amazing EPP community

There are hundreds of EPP members so every time you join a community volunteering activity or help out at a uni event, you'll be meeting new and interesting people.

Join the EPP community

Open MyCareerTo join EPP, log into MyCareer then click:
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