Drive to Campus

Driving to campus? Find out about fees and parking options


Parking is available on site at the Hamilton campus. You can use the free PayMyPark app to pay parking fees, or pay online at the PayMyPark website. You can choose from a range of options including daily, weekly and trimester parking.

You cannot park in a numbered/named park because these are reserved for permit holders at all times (clamping fees apply).


There are no on-campus parks available at our Tauranga Campus. Paid-parking is available on-street, off-street and in parking buildings. Visit the Tauranga City Council's website for more information.

Students are reminded not to park in private parking spaces or retail car parks to prevent their vehicles from being ticketed, towed or clamped. Durham Lane is a public lane way. Students should not park in the area as indicated by the clearway sign to prevent their vehicle from being ticketed or towed.

The visitor parks outside the 24-hour labs are strictly for visitors to the campus during business hours. They may be also be reserved for visitors attending after-hours events.

Carpool to campus

Carpooling saves you money by splitting the cost of driving and parking among several commuters. It’s also a good way to meet new people, and better for the environment.